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Price LBP 2,094,000

Includes: 20cm casserole, 26cm casserole, 24cm shallow pot, 16cm sauce pan, 22cm fry pan, 26cm fry pan Aluminium cookware set Marble coating Non-stick granite coating

Price LBP 2,426,000

Pans and aluminium pots Suitable for all hob types Detachable handles that allow stacking the set and cooking in the oven Easy to clean, hand washing recommended Non-stick ceramic stone Glass high-strenghts lids 16 pieces

Price LBP 2,668,000

Granite appearance High hardness, excellent scratch resistance Superior abrasion resistance, corrosio resistance, hard and compact Granite structure, environmetally friendly, excellent non-stick performance, long lasting service life Includes: fry pan 28cm, soup pot 20cm, soup pot 24cm, soup pot 28cm